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Civil Dispute Mediation Services

Civil & Legal Dispute Mediation Services Provided
Remote, USA

Breach of Contract

Landlord/Tenant Issues other than Eviction

Real Estate

Faulty Contract Work

White Sheet

Un/derpaid Services Rendered

Labor/Employment Disputes

Destruction of Property

Neighbor Disputes

HOA/HOPA Disputes

Accident/Injury Lawsuit

Medical Malpractice

Fraud and/or

White Sheet

Commercial Business
Agreements or

Small Business
Issues and/or


Issues or

We are not limited to the examples above, as our mediators cover too many areas to list. And, it is important to note that individuals, groups, or businesses can come to us to complete contract agreements that are not adversarial. We assist parties in coming up with customized legally binding contracts to start endeavors or plan a procedure, etc. Our professional mediators who mediate Circuit Civil/County Civil/Small Claims mediations are not limited to mediating court cases, as AEP is a great resource to utilize to AVOID court altogether when parties need to come to agreements, and wish to have the agreements legally memorialized. This team can mediate any civil topic regardless to what phase it is in. This service is available and extremely useful not only for persons seeking monetary compensation, but those individuals who are also moving for certain actions to take place or cease. A few examples of non-monetary issues addressed by these team members are neighbor disputes; HOA issues; property issues; non-monetary contract disputes; school or workplace issues; and more. The majority of cases booked under this service have their issue/s resolved in well under the time allotted. We at AEP highly encourage parties to attempt mediation prior to filing a case in court, or hiring an attorney, because if an agreement can be reached at the onset of an issue, parties can save a lot of time and money. Not to mention, mediation is confidential; so, parties can resolve their conflicts without having to air out their issues publicly.

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