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Professional Family Mediation Services

Family Law Mediation Services

Professional Family Mediation Services Provided

Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of Partnership

Pre/Postnuptial Agreements

Legal Separation

Un/Supervised Visitation

Parenting Plans

Child Custody

Child Support

Division of Real & Personal Property

Life Insurance/401K Beneficiaries

Medical & Educational Choices

Tax Liability/Dependent Claiming

Modification Request




Our mediation professionals who cover Family/Domestic Issues address relationship issues of all types. They have experience with couples just starting out (prenuptial agreements); going through temporary separations; or, dissolving a marriage, cohabitation, partnership, and even  dissolution of poly-amorous relationships. These team members, can also help people sort out issues involving children in separate households; from child support, parenting plans, education, insurance, vacations, religious involvement and involvement with outside parties, to permissions and expectations. These Mediators are veterans at what they do, and will never merely act as a referee between parties, but as trained professionals who excel at breaking down emotional barriers to get to constructive and progressive communications. They are also excellent at drafting unique agreements for clients. Our mediators are extremely discreet, and adhere to all moral and ethical expectations and standards set forth by each state's Judicial system, and Mediation Advisory/Disciplinary Board.

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