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Mediation/Notary Preparation Resources for Clients

Starting with a list of Professional Interpreters providing low rates exclusively for AEP Mediation & Notary Services clients. Scroll down, past the interpreters, for additional resources and videos uploaded to help our clients better prepare for mediation.


Alexis L. Joseph Taveras, M.Ed.

Spanish/English; Consecutive Interpreting

Alexis has been in the field of language for over 8 years. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages; and, a Master's Degree in English as a Second Language. Alexis also has an International Certification in TESOL- TEFL, with over 150 hours. He has taught and coordinated Language to many remote global agencies over the years; and, even speaks intermediate French.


Elizabeth Dannenfelser, B.A.

Spanish/English; Consecutive Interpreting

Elizabeth has 7+ years of English-Spanish consecutive/simultaneous interpretation and translation experience. She is also a professional English and Spanish teacher. She has lived, worked, and studied in Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia, and therefore has a deep understanding of the regional nuances of the Spanish language. She specializes in medical, legal and government interpretation and translation.


Jean Ernest Pierre, B.A.

French/English & Creole/English; Consecutive Interpreting

Jean has 21 years of experience with teaching English as a second language. Jean has over 13 years of experience as a Translator, Interpreter, Voice-over Specialist, and Transcriber; and, over 9 years of formal education in Language. He is very personable, and enjoys assisting people with language barriers.


Mayra Hernandez, B.A.

Spanish/English; Consecutive Interpreting

Mayra has worked in the translation industry for about 10 years now; and, has been formally interpreting for one year. Mayra has worked with many companies in which legal/confidential files needed translation.  She is confident that her interpreting services will cover all details from the original message in a comprehensive manner in both English and Spanish.

Call Center Headset

Eman Noureddin Mohamed, J.D.

Arabic/English; Consecutive Interpreting

Eman received a "professional Diploma in Legal and UN Translation" in May 2018, and is two classes away from being awarded the professional diploma in
"Simultaneous Interpreting," She has a "professional Interpreter Certificate" for completing two thousand hours of over-the-phone interpreting. Eman also graduated law school, at the University of Cairo, in 2016; making her the perfect interpreter for a legal setting.


Yassin Dawoud, B.A.

Arabic/English; Consecutive Interpreting

Yassin has been in the industry since 2017. He grew up in a diverse environment which sharpened his knowledge of Iraqi, Khaliji, Syrian, Sudanese, and many other Arabic dialects. He has done Medical, legal, and financial consecutive/simultaneous interpretation. Besides being a voice for the voiceless he enjoys referring to himself in the third person. He also draws satisfaction from a job well done.


Christian Ineza

Mandarin/English & Swahili/English &  Kinyarwanda/English; Consecutive Interpreting

Christian has been translating/interpreting Mandarin for the past 4 years. Studying in China, for the past 7 years, has equipped him with Mandarin certifications, such as HSK Level 5. While attaining these certifications, he has also accrued a great amount of experience with translating for industries such as manufacturing and construction. In addition to this, Christian's native language is Swahili. At the moment he is also learning French, to add to his language expertise.


Peter Chin

Mandarin/English & Cantonese/English; Consecutive Interpreting

Peter has 4 years of experience in English-Mandarin and English-Cantonese consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Growing up in a multicultural environment equipped him with an understanding of the nuances between different cultures, and being a trained public speaker enabled him to communicate clearly and precisely. He is calm and personable, and enjoys building bridges of communication across language barriers.

Please book mediation first, then request interpreter services. Make note of interpreter names. Select a first and second choice, then click request button.

Additional Mediation/Notary Preparation Resources for Clients

So everyone is empowered to make important decisions.

NAD Interpreter Directory

This directory, provided by the National Association of the Deaf, includes many interpreters who provide Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).

Witness In Courtroom

Attorney Directory

The American Bar Association has a list of attorney directories for each state. An attorney is not required for mediation, as parties are free to make every decision in mediation of their own free will. If a party wishes to hire or receive advice from an attorney, they may find one with this directory.