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Eviction Mediation

This mediation service only deals with eviction issues. For other rental issues, go to County Civil.

  • 2 h
  • 300 US dollars
  • US Mountain Time|US Pacific Time|US Eastern Time|US Central Time

Description du service

Our mediators who cover eviction mediations deal with all issues pre, during, or after the move-out process or negotiations. Our mediators are highly experienced in facilitating settlements between disputing landlords and tenants; and, this is beneficial for both parties. Landlords benefit greatly from mediation, because the option of a court judgement usually only gives the landlord access to the property in a vacant status, but cannot ensure payment of monies owed. To the contrary, many renters do not prioritize paying off a rental debt, if a court judgement has already been added to their credit record. This is because the debt satisfaction does not remove the eviction from their record, so the motivation or incentive is not present. In mediation, a renter can avoid the eviction judgement on their record, so they are more willing to pay and usually prioritize paying the debt back. So, the landlord can benefit from mediation by not only successfully removing the renters from the property, but they also may recoup some, if not all, of the monies owed. Renters can benefit from not having a judgement on their record, and having the option to set up a payment plan to satisfy the debt owed. When these types of mediations occur, the renter can move forward with life without an eviction or other negative marking on their record in regards to this issue; and, if there has already been a case filed in court, will have the case dismissed/closed as long as they satisfy the terms of the agreements made in mediation. On some occasions, the mediation settlement can even include a plan for how the tenant may remain on the property.

Politique d'annulation

For Mediation Services: There is a mandatory 48 hour notice for cancellations (this refers to business hours, so if the mediation is scheduled for a Monday, it must be canceled by Thursday). All cancellations submitted prior to 48 hours of scheduled time receive a full refund, minus a $15 processing fee. If the mediation is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled mediation, monies are non-refundable.


  • Denver, CO, USA


  • California, USA


  • Florida, USA


  • Texas, USA


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