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  • Eviction Mediation

    Our mediators who cover eviction mediations deal with all issues pre, during, or after the move-out process or negotiations. Our mediators are highly experienced in facilitating settlements between disputing landlords and tenants; and, this is beneficial for both parties. Landlords benefit greatly from mediation, because the option of a court judgement usually only gives the landlord access to the property in a vacant status, but cannot ensure payment of monies owed. To the contrary, many renters do not prioritize paying off a rental debt, if a court judgement has already been added to their credit record. This is because the debt satisfaction does not remove the eviction from their record, so the motivation or incentive is not present. In mediation, a renter can avoid the eviction judgement on their record, so they are more willing to pay and usually prioritize paying the debt back. So, the landlord can benefit from mediation by not only successfully removing the renters from the property, but they also may recoup some, if not all, of the monies owed. Renters can benefit from not having a judgement on their record, and having the option to set up a payment plan to satisfy the debt owed. When these types of mediations occur, the renter can move forward with life without an eviction or other negative marking on their record in regards to this issue; and, if there has already been a case filed in court, will have the case dismissed/closed as long as they satisfy the terms of the agreements made in mediation. On some occasions, the mediation settlement can even include a plan for how the tenant may remain on the property.

  • Child Dependency & Elder Care: $400

    This service is available for parties wishing to iron out the details of care for all persons of sensitive age or mental/physical capacity. We can help you work out the issues and draft a legally-binding, court-enforceable agreement, so your family members are in the right hand. It is always important to have a plan, and to ensure it is enforceable. We can work with family members seeking Custody; Guardianship; Power of Attorney; Placement; Capacity determination, as well.

  • Circuit Civil/Appellate: $300 Per Party

    This team of professionals can help parties work through issues at the active trial phase or appellate phase. And, it is important to note that our professional mediators who handle Circuit Civil mediations are not simply limited to mediating court cases. This team can mediate any case that has an issue of monetary value over $30,000. Many clients with issues of this level, appreciate the discretion they get with the mediation of their issues, and can avoid court altogether by resolving their conflict with AEP Mediation & Notary Services. A few examples of Circuit Civil services we provide are the following: Real Estate Dispute Mediation Services; Labor Employment Dispute Mediation Services; Landlord Tenant Mediation of high value property; Commercial Business Litigation Mediation; Breach of Contract Mediation Services; Contract Law Mediation Services; Corporate Issues; Dissolution of Business; and more. For more examples of Circuit Civil issues we cover, please visit our Civil Mediation page. Our Civil Mediation page displays more examples, but does not encompass all the areas of civil disputes we cover, as they are endless; we can help with disagreements of all sorts.

  • Restorative School Mediation $400

    We handle all aspects of school conflicts, from peer to peer conflicts, to parent/administration issues. We even have two members of our team who specialize in Special Education, and another who specializes in childhood trauma; which makes them a great choice for mediating these types of unique and very important issues. Call us before booking, to discuss options.

  • County Civil/Small Claim: $200 Per Party

    Our professional mediators who mediate County Civil/Small Claims mediations are not limited to mediating court cases. This team can mediate any conflict that has no monetary value, or an issue of monetary value under $30,000. A few examples of non-monetary issues addressed by these team members are neighbor disputes; HOA issues; property issues; non-monetary contract disputes; school or workplace issues; and more. Examples of civil court cases under $30,000 in value are: real estate deposit disputes; labor/employment disputes; landlord & tenant issues, including evictions; car accident insurance disputes; commercial business disputes; breach of contract cases; contract law issues; and, more. To see more examples, feel free to visit our Civil Mediation page. The majority of cases booked under this service have their issue/s resolved in well under the time allotted. We at AEP highly encourage parties to attempt mediation prior to filing a case in court, or hiring an attorney, because if an agreement can be reached at the onset of an issue, parties can save a lot of time and money. Not to mention, mediation is confidential; so, parties can resolve their conflicts without having to air out their issues publicly.

  • Family/Domestic Issues: $200 Per Party

    Our mediation professionals who cover Family/Domestic Issues address relationship issues of all types. They have experience with couples just starting out (prenuptial agreements); going through temporary separations; or, dissolving a marriage, cohabitation, partnership, and even dissolution of polyamorous relationships. These team members, can also help people sort out issues involving children in separate households; from child support, parenting plans, education, insurance, vacations, religious involvement and involvement with outside parties, to permissions and expectations. These Mediators are veterans at what they do, and will never merely act as a referee between parties, but as trained professionals who excel at breaking down emotional barriers to get to constructive and progressive communications. They are also excellent at drafting unique agreements for clients. Our mediators are extremely discreet, and adhere to all moral and ethical expectations and standards set forth by each state's Judicial system, and Mediation Advisory/Disciplinary Board.

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