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AEP Mediation provides online (remote) mediation, interpreting, and notary/loan signing services. Check out our Services page to learn more!

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Convenience & Communication is our business!

In today's fast-paced world, conflicts are an inevitable part of human interactions. However, thanks to the continuous advancements in technology, resolving conflicts has become more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective. AEP Mediation & Notary Services, a leading provider in the field, has embraced these technological advancements to offer remote conflict resolution services at an affordable cost. AEP leverages technology to facilitate seamless conflict resolution and enhance client satisfaction.


Remote Conflict Resolution:

AEP Mediation & Notary Services recognizes the importance of convenience and accessibility in conflict resolution. By harnessing the power of technology, we have successfully transitioned our services to a remote platform. This allows clients to engage in mediation sessions from the comfort of their own homes or offices, eliminating the need for physical meetings and reducing logistical challenges. Remote conflict resolution not only saves time and money but also ensures a more inclusive and flexible process for all parties involved.


Affordability and Competitive Pricing:

At AEP, we understand the financial burden that conflicts can impose on individuals and businesses. With a commitment to providing accessible conflict resolution, we offer our services at an extremely affordable cost. By leveraging technology, we have optimized our operations, reducing overhead expenses and passing on the cost savings to our clients. This competitive pricing structure ensures that individuals and businesses of all sizes can access high-quality conflict resolution services without breaking the bank.


Remote Interpreting and Notary Services:

Language barriers can often complicate conflict resolution processes. At AEP, we address this challenge by offering remote interpreting services. Through video conferencing tools, clients can communicate effectively with mediators and other parties involved, regardless of language differences. Additionally, AEP provides remote notary services, ensuring that all necessary legal documentation is properly authenticated and executed, even in a remote setting. These comprehensive services further enhance the convenience and efficiency of the conflict resolution process.

AEP In a Nutshell

Technology has revolutionized the way conflicts are resolved, and AEP stands at the forefront of this transformation. Through our remote conflict resolution services, competitive pricing, remote interpreting, and notary services, as well as the integration of today's advanced technology, AEP has made conflict resolution more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective than ever before. By embracing these technological advances, we continue to provide valuable tools for individuals and businesses seeking to resolve conflicts in a seamless and satisfactory manner.

Feedback & Reviews

No doubt, had we not had you as a resource to help us get to the crux of the issues, we would still be in a dark place that would force one of us to leave our positions.

The City of Fort Worth and its employees are proud to have you as our Mediator. We appreciate that you are impartial in your coaching and make us feel you are equally concerned about all parties involved. Keep up the great work

Mediator: Sharon Dolak

Gwen Wilson CCA MC,
Assistant Director– Business Equity Division, Diversity and Inclusion Department, Hazel Harvey Peace Center  Fort Worth, TX

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